will change your life

  Our walk-in tub is designed to give you the freedom to bathe on your own, in safety comfort and convenience.
Simply walk-in, close the door and relax with a warm soak or a swirling whirlpool massage.

                                             comes from safe bathing

If safe bathing is a concern to you and your loved ones, a walk-in tub is perfect for you.
  The accessible design allows everyone in the family, including those experiencing age and
mobility challenges, to enjoy safe and luxurious soaks and massages.
The low entry, built-in safety bar and slip-resistant tub floor
are just a few features that make bathing safe with a walk-in tub.

                                                     alleviates aches and pains

Walk-in tubs are great for arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and other common aches and pains.
You will notice a difference in how you feel after just one warm,
deep soak or therapeutic massage. Used regularly, the walk-in tub will literally transform your life.

If you've been missing the comfort of bathing.....

....because it's simply too hard too get in and out, a walk-in tub is perfect for you.

• Replaces and fits into the space of an existing bathtub

• Anti-slip floor and seat

• 17” chair height seat

• Height allows for a deep soak

• Right or left mounted doors

• Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the door seal

• Full hydrotherapy whirlpool spa with 18 jets

• 18” wide door opening

• Hand-held shower head included

• Fixtures are in chrome finish

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Walk-in bathtubs
We take care of everything for a smooth installation.
From removing and disposing of the old tub to hooking up the plumbing and electric for your new walk-in tub.

Full hydrotherapy whirlpool spa with 18 jets